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Elliott Scheinberg is the “go to” attorney to successfully prosecute your matrimonial appeal. He is a leading scholar and a prolifically incisive author and commentator on matrimonial law. He has the unique ability to cut to the core of appellate issues, marshal the facts and the law. In addition, he has authored many amicus briefs for the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, New York Chapter. His two-volume magnum opus, “Contract Doctrine and Marital Agreements in New York”, now in its second edition, is outstanding in its breadth, scholarship and clarity. Mr. Scheinberg has explored every nook and cranny in the area. The treatise is the bellwether in the field and a “must read” work for any judge or attorney researching any aspect of marital agreements.

Elliott Scheinberg has always impressed me with his remarkable legal scholarship and his ability to analyze, lay out, and argue, with clarity, complex principles of law. His two volume treatise, "Contract Doctrine and Marital Agreements in New York", is a cohesive and comprehensive compilation of governing law and arguments as to settled and unsettled issues of law -- it is an indispensable tool for both bench and bar and I strongly recommend it.

Elliott Scheinberg is a gifted scholar with an encyclopedic knowledge of matrimonial law. His enormous contribution to the field, Contract Doctrine and Marital Agreements, effortlessly combines practical experience with intellectual prowess. Extensively researched and fluidly written, this book is the “must-have’ reference work for every matrimonial lawyer.

No matrimonial attorney or judge should be without Contract Doctrine and Marital Agreements in New York by Elliott Scheinberg, Esq. It is a constant reference source in my office. A marital agreement is the critical document that finalizes the rights of the parties, such as, property distribution, liabilities, pension distributions, custody, etc. Even a seemingly simple agreement can have a devastating effect if not drafted properly. Mr. Scheinberg has mastered the analysis of governing law and marital agreements in his two-volume treatise addressing every conceivable matrimonial-contract issue and how to challenge or defend agreements. While a comprehensive reference, it is written in a style that breaks down the principles of contract law into easy to read and understand segments, which are of great use for the busy practitioner. Mr. Scheinberg also provides a deep enlightening analysis of how courts have interpreted often-used contractual language. Contract Doctrine and Marital Agreements in New York is a long overdue, "must have", resource.

Elliott Scheinberg should be applauded for his brilliant work, "Contract Doctrine and Marital Agreements in New York". It is an incredibly thorough, well written treatise that covers all areas relevant to a matrimonial practitioner. The treatise provides expert legal guidance to every attorney who seeks to understand the complex intersection between contract doctrine and matrimonial law. Elliott Scheinberg provides detailed analysis of emerging concepts and issues, supporting statutes and case law and addresses virtually every area of related matrimonial law in the most skillful and intelligent manner. These books have proven to be one of the best resources and has become the bible for those who practice matrimonial law.

Mr. Scheinberg's treatise quickly became a valuable and indispensable asset at my firm. It explains the practical application and use of complex contract law and its impact on marital agreements. The treatise contains pertinent discussions with well over 5,000 footnotes of applicable authority. It's a must for any matrimonial law library.

As a sole practitioner in the area of matrimonial law, I unequivocally endorse Elliott Scheinberg’s 'Contract Doctrine and Marital Agreements in New York' as an indispensable resource. Not only does it provide the essential information to protect my clients’ rights in every conceivable situation, but it also does so in a clear and easy to understand manner that makes this incisive resource tool one that I consistently refer to.

Besides GOOGLE, the Talmud, and a legal search engine, the treatise “Contract Doctrine and Marital Agreements in New York”, is a must have for every law office library! The insight provided by Scheinberg supported by the authority for the reasoning for this insight makes this treatise a must have for every attorney practicing matrimonial law. Once you have researched your issues you will find it impossible to do without.

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